5 Days to a Complete Website Challenge:
Day 3

Welcome to Day 3! Today we’re going to be working on getting the tech in order so we can start putting together your beautiful new website.

Get started below by watching the overview video of what we’ll cover today.

Video 1: Overview of Day 3 (2:13)

In the video below I’ll briefly talk about the difference between a domain name and hosting.

I’ll also be covering what to do if you have a domain name you’d like to use but don’t have hosting yet. This video will explain how to point that domain name to Bluehost, the hosting company we’ll be using to build your website.

**If you don’t yet have hosting OR a domain name, you can skip Video 2 and go right to Video 3.

Video 2: Pointing Your Domain to Bluehost (2:37)

Video 3: Setting Up Your Hosting Account and Installing WordPress (7:50)

Quick Heads Up: Since making this video, I have switched my hosting provider to Siteground and prefer their services. The video below showing you how to set up Bluehost is very similar to how you’d set up a hosting account at Siteground. There are links below to the two hosting companies, so which one you choose will be up to you.

Video 4: Download and Install Divi (4:26)

Video 5: Set up Divi and WordPress Defaults (33:34)

The video below will help you set your theme and site defaults so they will look like your brand. I recommend pausing after I finish each task in the video and doing the same thing in your site before moving on.

It starts to get exciting here because you can see the work you’ve put in on Day 1 come to life on your computer screen.

You did it!!

You made it to the end of Day 3!

I’ll bet your website is already starting to look great! If you weren’t able to finish your wireframes or graphic/image creation, you can work on that again today.

You’ll have some time to catch up tomorrow, too, because it’s an even lighter day than today. But it will set you up to start putting the building blocks together and watching your website come to life!


*Some of the links on this site are to companies that I love and love to recommend. If you make a purchase through a link I provide, and I have an affiliate relationship with the company, I will make a small commission. But rest assured that I only recommend products and companies that I use, trust, and whole-heartedly stand behind.

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