5 Days to a Complete Website Challenge:
Day 1

Welcome to Day 1! Today we’re going to be getting our branding basics in order!

If you’re on Facebook, make sure you’re in the Facebook group so you can get the support and feedback you need to get through this challenge. It’s completely optional, but a good way to stay motivated, accountable, and connected to the group.

Before you get started, go ahead and create a few new folders on your computer to organize all of the files you’ll download and create during this challenge.

At a minimum, you’ll want to have a folder for all of the materials you’ll download from me during the challenge, one for each page of your site (Home, About, Work With Me, and Contact) and a folder for stock photos that you grab (on Day 2).

Once you’re done with that, you’re ready to start on the videos!

Video 1: Overview of Day 1 (7:36)

Video 2: Choosing Your Color Palette (13:58)

Video 3: Selecting Your Fonts (8:41)

Video 4: Creating Your Logo (10:15)

You did it!!

You made it to the end of Day 1!

Make sure to complete all activities for today so you’ll be ready for tomorrow.

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