5 Days to a Complete Website Challenge:
Day 5

You’ve made it! It’s Day 5!! Today you’re going to put it all together and FINISH your site.

I am proud of the work you’ve done, the progress you’ve made, and I simply cannot WAIT to see the finished product!

There are videos below showing you all of the Divi elements that you will be able to download from this page. I’ll also show you a simple system of getting your already-created materials organized and into your new site pages.

Video 1: What We’ll Accomplish Today (2:34)

Video 2: Logging Into WordPress (2:01)

Video 3: Importing Divi Elements Into Your Site (3:52)

Video 4: Putting Space around Elements (Margin & Padding) (2:03)

Video 5: Build Your Pages (27:06)

Video 6: Build a One-Pager Site (3:42)

Video 7: The Ease of Working With Divi (4:41)

Divi Element Walk-throughs

Video 8: Making Your Site Live (2:47)

You did it!! I want to pop the cork on the champagne!

You have just completed a marathon of a task. This is NO SMALL FEAT. Building a website takes some serious fortitude and I’m SO impressed by you!

If you’re in the Facebook group, show off your shiny, sparkling new website so we can celebrate with you!

You deserve a round of applause (or should I say “appaws”? ?).

No matter how far you made it in your website building efforts, I’m honored to have led you on this journey and I’m proud of the progress you’ve made.

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