5 Days to a Complete Website Challenge:
Day 4

Welcome to Day 4!

Today we’re going to build the framework of your website and make sure you’re including everything that’s legally required.

Today will be a light day, so if you’ve fallen behind on the work from the past few days, you’ll have time today to catch up.

When you’re done with today’s work, you’ll be all set for tomorrow, when you’ll drag and drop the Divi elements you’ve decided to build each page with and quickly customize with your images, graphics, and text!

Get started below by watching the overview video of what we’ll cover today.

Video 1: What We’ll Accomplish Today (1:10)

Video 2: Create Your Website Pages (3:27)

Video 3: Create Your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions (7:39)

Video 4: Create Your Menu (5:55)

Video 5: Create Your Footer (7:50)

Video 6: Install & Set Up Your Plugins (14:37)

*The plugins we install in this video are called Wordfence, Smush, and Yoast SEO.

You did it!!

You made it to the end of Day 4!

Tomorrow’s the LAST DAY of the challenge!

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