5 Days to a Complete Website Challenge:

Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! Today we’re going to be getting the rest of our design elements created and our website outlined.

Remember to check in with the Facebook group if you’re a member there and let us all know how you’re getting along! Get started below by watching the overview video of what we’ll cover today.

Video 1: What We’ll Accomplish Today (3:06)

Video 2: Copywriting and Laying Out Your Pages (18:25)

Video 3: Wireframing Your Site (20:17)

Video 4: Creating Your Graphics (16:38)

If you had any trouble downloading the resources at the top of the page, I wanted to make sure that you could still get the placeholder images you need.

Each button below will open up a placeholder image. You’ll just need to save that file to use within Canva to create your images using the placeholder as a template (I’ll show you how in the video above).

You did it!!

You made it to the end of Day 2!

Today is by far the most time-consuming day during the challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or behind, you’ll have time to catch up on Wednesday and Thursday because those are both light content days.

I know it will take some time to use Canva to create all of the graphics and images you need, but it’ll be worth it when you’re ready to build your pages and everything is ready to go!

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