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Imagine if you could confidently launch a profitable offer in 90 days or less…

Complete with:


A fully-planned-out service delivery process that guarantees the fulfillment of every promise you make to your clients..


A consultation process that helps you get many more “yeses” more quickly than ever…


Compelling messaging that makes your offer sound like a complete no-brainer for your perfect clients…


A professional & gorgeous online home for your amazing new offer so you don’t look like a beginner…

…all while banishing your feelings of frustration, overwhelm, & confusion over the process of creating and selling a whole new offer.

I’m Lori Reeves, the founder of BrandStrength…

…and that’s exactly what I help new and aspiring impact-driven entrepreneurs just like you do.

I’d like to share with you a quick overview of how I do that.


4 Simple Steps To Launching Your Offer or Business

Over the course of 90 days, we’ll cover everything you need to know and do to launch an amazing, life-changing program for the people you want to serve…and actually start making money doing what you love.


Develop Your Offer & Messaging

It’s simpler and more effective to develop your offer from your messaging. It allows you to address the problems your clients are experiencing now and develop a solution that meets their needs.

You’ll go from…


Feeling overwhelmed & confused...

about how to actually take your clients from the pain they’re experiencing to the results they desire



Having total clarity...

through a detailed plan that gets all of the ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can see it and follow along as you check things off your task list


Nail Your Sales Process

The BrandStrength consultation process will teach you how to hold productive consultations that sign clients and help you understand how to further clarify your message for the next clients who come your way.

You’ll go from…


Tripping over your words...

and revealing your lack of confidence and experience any time you talk with someone about what you do



Confidently communicating...

with your prospective clients, not just through the words you say, but through the conviction with which you say them


Set Up Your Biz Tech

To serve people virtually, there are a few tech tools you’ll need to have in place to help you schedule clients, get contracts signed, and increase efficiency and consistency.

You’ll go from…


Tech-stressed & frazzled...

over every decision about the right tech tool to use and the complication of setting them all up



Set up & ready...

to start signing and serving your clients AND make any changes necessary along the way quickly & easily


Tell the World

Present your offer and your business to the world in the most confident and professional way possible – through a gorgeous & compelling website.

You’ll go from…


Design noob...

without any idea about how to create gorgeous branding or how to make a website



Perceived design pro...

with a professional-looking brand and website that are simple to create, personalize, and maintain

The BrandStrength

Core Values


A Bit About Me

As many of us are, I’m a multi-faceted individual. I wear a lot of hats and I have as much fun in life as I possibly can. It’s hard to “define” a person with words, but if I were to try, I’d tell you that I’m a military member (previously Army & now Air Force), a single mom, a musician, a novice plant owner, a cook & baker, a crafter, a lover of travel, and a perpetual self-improvement buff.

Photo collage of Lori's life

I Stand For…


Feeling abundant in all areas of life


Getting comfortable with discomfort in the spirit of growth & service


Normalizing the idea of making a lot of money doing what you love

I Stand Against…


Hustle culture and wearing busyness as a badge of honor


Bullying or demeaning behavior by anyone or toward anyone


The belief that making a lot of money has to feel hard

Don’t Stay Stuck

You’ve been trying to wrangle your brain into producing the business of your dreams. But yet, you’re stuck in frustration and overwhelm. Let me help “unstick” you!

What my clients
say about my

[It] was definitely helpful for me to see [my program] nicely organized. These thoughts have literally been in my brain [forever] and I've jotted them down in different places. But I wasn't sure how to organize them so they made the most sense to people.



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