Helping Solopreneurs Like You Make More Money in 90 Days Using My BrandStrength Signature Framework™

When we partner up, you’ll…


Learn why so many solopreneurs struggle to sell their services (and why so many give up on their dreams as a result) – and how you can avoid that fate by easily crafting an irresistible offer your clients will drool over…


Know how to talk about what you do in a way that gets people excited to work with you (without having to think like a copywriter) – using simple language instead of a complex formula that makes you sound like you’re reciting a memorized elevator pitch…


Finally hold sales calls that add thousands to your bottom line (even if you feel like you suck at sales) – and even if the prospect doesn’t buy from you…


Look like a polished pro (even if you’re new to business) with professional-level marketing materials and client deliverables – without spending weeks or months in creation mode, bleeding money and clients…

…all while learning the mindset tools and hacks that help you avoid the pitfalls that prevent the majority of solopreneurs from finding the success they dream of.

I’m Lori Reeves, the founder of BrandStrength…

…and helping those with big entrepreneurial dreams do more good and make more money is what I’m passionate about.

I’d like to share with you a quick overview of how I do that.


4 Simple Steps To Making More Money as a Solopreneur

Working together, we’ll cover everything you need to know and do to build the business you have been envisioning and make the money you’re dreaming of making.


Make Your Offer Irresistible

We’ll take your offer and the way you talk about it from bland to grand. We’ll analyze what’s included in your offer and the results you’re promising to make sure it’s exactly what your dream clients are looking for. You’ll go from…

Wondering if your offer is best for your clients...

and subsequently passing that lack of conviction to every person you talk to



Having absolute confidence in your offer...

and effectively communicating who it’s for, why it’s so great, and creating demand for your work


Nail Your Sales Process

The BrandStrength consultation process helps you get more show-ups on consult calls, convert more prospects into clients, and what changes you should make for the next clients who come your way.

You’ll go from…


Dreading consults...

because they make you feel nervous and unsure



Confident closer...

who sees every consult as the jackpot of gold it truly is


Set Up Your Biz Tech

If you feel overwhelmed by tech or that your inefficient (or non-existent) processes are keeping you from playing big, we’ll make sure to set up the systems and processes you need to elevate your client experience and prepare your business to grow.

You’ll go from…


Tech-stressed & frazzled...

over every decision about the right tech tool to use and the complication of setting them all up



Set up & ready...

to start signing and serving your clients AND make any changes necessary along the way quickly & easily


Tell the World

Present your offer and your business to the world in the most confident and professional way possible – through a gorgeous & compelling website.

You’ll go from…


Design noob...

without any idea about how to create gorgeous branding or how to make a website



Perceived design pro...

with a professional-looking brand and website that are simple to create, personalize, and maintain

A Bit About Me

As many of us are, I’m a multi-faceted individual. I wear a lot of hats and I have as much fun in life as I possibly can. It’s hard to “define” a person with words, but if I were to try, I’d tell you that I’m a military member (previously Army & now Air Force), a single mom, a musician, a novice plant owner, a cook & baker, a crafter, a lover of travel, and a perpetual self-improvement buff.

Photo collage of Lori's life

I Stand For…


Feeling abundant in all areas of life


Getting comfortable with discomfort in the spirit of growth & service


Normalizing the idea of making a lot of money doing what you love

I Stand Against…


Hustle culture and wearing busyness as a badge of honor


Bullying or demeaning behavior by anyone or toward anyone


The belief that making a lot of money has to feel hard

Don’t Stay Stuck

You’ve been trying to wrangle your brain into producing the business of your dreams. But yet, you’re stuck in frustration and overwhelm. No matter how far you’ve gotten through the process, let me help “unstick” you!

What my clients
say about my

[It] was definitely helpful for me to see [my program] nicely organized. These thoughts have literally been in my brain [forever] and I've jotted them down in different places. But I wasn't sure how to organize them so they made the most sense to people.



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