Feb 23, 2020

Enhance Your Writing With Power Words

Read time - 4 minutes

We all know that words can be very powerful. They carry with them both meaning and feeling. Using words that have more emotional weight can help you send a stronger message. Bookmark this page so you can use the words below to help you inject your writing with more compelling and persuasive imagery.

Words That Evoke Strength

  • Unlock
  • Discover
  • Valuable
  • Tremendous
  • Immediately
  • Instantly
  • Sure-Fire
  • Astonishing
  • Guaranteed
  • Invaluable
  • Monumental
  • Revolutionary
  • Innovative
  • Tested
  • Genuine
  • Complete
  • Proven
  • Results

Words That Influence

  • Improved
  • Wealth
  • Famous
  • Unique
  • Solid
  • Easy
  • Time-tested
  • Understand
  • Perform
  • Best
  • Competitive
  • Influential
  • Excellent
  • Exclusive

Get Your Reader’s Imagination Involved

  • Imagine
  • Think about
  • What would it be like if
  • Allow yourself
  • Ponder
  • Realize
  • Suppose
  • Picture
  • Wonder
  • Just pretend
  • What it’s like when
  • Sooner or later

Go through some copy that you’ve written and pepper in some of these more powerful words. Then read it back and see if it feels a bit different in your body with different words. I suppose you’ll realize that I’m like. What would it be like if people commented on how impactful your writing is?

Give it a try and you just might find out.

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