Oct 9, 2023

My Content Creation Schedule That Has Boosted My Productivity

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If you’ve ever wondered how I consistently churn out engaging content week after week, you’re in for a treat. I’ve honed my content creation process, and today, I’m ready to unveil my strategies.

Creating a reservoir of long-form content is an absolute game-changer for solopreneurs like us.

It’s not just about content length; it’s about building a reputation, demonstrating expertise, and leaving a lasting impression.

Long-form content encompasses more than just social media snippets. Think blog posts, newsletters, YouTube videos, podcasts – anything that delves deep into your niche and showcases your dedication.

Unfortunately, many solopreneurs struggle with effective content creation.

The truth is, being an expert in your field doesn’t automatically make you a content creation pro. I’ve had my fair share of struggles with content creation, but over the past few months, I’ve implemented a system that keeps me sane, supercharges my productivity, and elevates the quality of my content.

The Game-Changing Power of Task Division

One of my golden rules is breaking down daunting tasks into manageable pieces. I’ve mastered the art of structuring my days to handle each task with the attention it deserves. No more stress or neglected details – everything neatly divided and conquered!

In the past, I used to attempt writing my newsletter in one sitting. That approach often led to brain drain, overlooked errors, and content that lacked depth.

Since adopting my structured approach, my solopreneur journey has transformed. I now leave my desk each day feeling accomplished, with a clear mind and unwavering confidence in my content.

Here’s a Closer Look at My Content Creation Breakdown:

1/ Brainstorming Time: I let my creative juices flow, drawing inspiration from various sources. When I stumble upon compelling content, it sparks ideas for my own. I jot down these concepts to have a handy stash of ideas for later.

2/ Initial Thoughts and Research: Before diving into the writing phase, I gather my thoughts and conduct thorough research. This ensures that my content is not just insightful but also backed by reliable information.

3/ Writing Marathon: Once the groundwork is laid, I dive into content creation mode. I pour my heart and soul into crafting engaging, informative long-form content that truly resonates with my audience.

4/ Editing & Scheduling: Editing is crucial. First, I run my raw draft through AI tools to streamline and refine it. Then, I read it aloud to ensure it flows smoothly and is reader-friendly. Finally, I double-check that all promised elements, like images and links, are in place and functional.

Scheduling is the last step, ensuring that my content is delivered consistently. My newsletters always go out on Mondays at 9:45 am. So I load them into ConvertKit, my email provider, and schedule them accordingly. I also post the content on my website and schedule the post to go live at the same time as my newsletter goes out.

5/ Short & Sweet: Now, here’s where the real magic happens! I take my long-form content and turn it into bite-sized, captivating nuggets for social media.

Today’s content is long enough, so I won’t go into the details of exactly how I do that, but I’ll just say this…I NEVER wonder what I’m going to post on social media anymore. I have plenty of fodder and am able to quickly create at least 7 social media posts from the piece of content I’ve already created.

I love having a daily dose of online presence with much less effort and stress!

Structured Schedules for Success

I know you’re curious about my daily structure, and I’ve got five screenshots to give you an inside look at how I manage my time effectively. These schedules help me balance my business commitments and client service efficiently.

My Monday Schedule

my schedule for Mondays

My Tuesday Schedule

content creation schedule for Tuesdays

My Wednesday Schedule

content creation schedule for Wednesdays

My Thursday Schedule

content creation schedule for Thursdays

My Friday Schedule

my schedule for Fridays

Some tasks you see in these screenshots are weekly routines, while others are monthly. For instance, I aim to host one workshop per month, so I divide the brainstorming, preparation, and delivery phases across different weeks. This approach ensures I’m never overwhelmed, and I can stick to my schedule effectively.

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