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Understand the factors that make marketing effective, put those factors to the test in YOUR business, and create a “Rescue Plan” to elevate your success!

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Stop Using the Spaghetti-Throwing Method of Marketing

“I’ll just try this” is not a great way to decide how to market your business. Yet that’s what many of us find ourselves doing. We see someone else using a technique and it appears to be working for them. So we throw caution to the wind and whatever else we were working on to the side to put this new idea into place…and it doesn’t usually go well.


Stop Wondering if You'll EVER Be Able to Figure Out How to Grow Your Biz

There are only so many times a person can try and fail before seriously considering throwing in the towel. Have you gotten to the point where you’ve started contemplating giving up on the whole thing instead of continuing to push through your fear, uncertainty, doubt, and frustration?

Get a Clear Picture of What You're Doing Well and Where There's Room for Improvement

While there’s no ONE RIGHT WAY to do anything, there are methods that work and methods that will keep you spinning your wheels in frustration. What if you could get a clear picture of your entire marketing strategy and see EXACTLY where you should put your time and focus?

Gain Confidence in Your Marketing Strategy and Make Changes That Make a Difference in Your Bottom Line

Once you clearly see where improvements or changes can be made, you can make a checklist of concrete steps to take. And once you start making those changes and watching your business start to grow and thrive, your confidence in your ability to make it work will begin to soar!

In Just 5 Days You Will…


Gain Clarity on What Makes a Business Thrive


Learn How to Evaluate Your Brand and Marketing Assets


Perform an Effectiveness Evaluation on Your Own Business


Create a Rescue Plan for Assets That Need to Be Improved (or Created)

Daily Training Schedule

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Then get ready to dig into the marketing materials you’ve created, evaluate the effectiveness of everything you’ve put together, and finally have a clear to-do list of actions to take AND the know-how to make changes that make a big difference in your bottom line.

All that in just 15 minutes or less each day!


Here’s What You’ll Get

  • A daily email detailing exactly what you need to do or watch for the day so you can understand how to take control of your marketing efforts
  • A clear understanding of the methods used by professional marketers and copywriters that GRAB ATTENTION and flip psychological triggers in your audience
  • My critical checklist of brand and marketing assets that you should be using to build a thriving and profitable business (many entrepreneurs start out trying to use too many…and it’s unnecessary!)
  • A LIVE Q&A session where you can ask questions and gain clarity and NOT feel like you’re in a dark abyss trying to figure it all out by yourself

During the DAILY training and Q&A sessions in our Facebook Group starting on March 21, you’ll learn:

  • The key factors that determine whether your brand will grow & thrive OR wither & die
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing assets you’ve already created
  • What brand and marketing assets are critical (and which ones you can leave alone for now)
  • How to create a “Rescue Plan” for your business that you can actually follow
  • Live Q&A so you can get clarity, bounce ideas, and fully understand what steps you need to take to grow your business
Daily Training Schedule

Let’s boost your brand’s attention-getting factor, easily draw a crowd of the right people, and elevate your business to the life-changing powerhouse it’s meant to be!


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