Oct 23, 2023

Mastering Brand Awareness as a Solopreneur: Part 2 of 3

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As I mentioned last week, we’re doing a 3-part series on brand awareness for solopreneurs. Because, while you could Google brand awareness, a lot of the information you’ll find is more appropriate for corporations, where there are multiple people in multiple departments, typically with degrees in the subject matter.

But that’s just not how it works for solopreneurs. We have expertise in our specific topic, but when it comes to all the other aspects of building a business and brand, we’re typically not experts in any of them.

So it’s important to know what to think through and how to go about quickly and easily building a brand instead of Googling and trying to piece together advice that’s really not feasible to follow.

Last week we covered consistency with your visual brand including your color palette, fonts, graphics, and logo and how to make sure you’re being consistent in your use of everything that makes up your brand. If you missed that one, be sure to go back and read it because I gave tips and tricks that help you create something great and use it consistently as you build your brand and start gaining recognition.

This week we’re diving into the 2nd area where you have to maintain consistency – your messaging and voice. Let’s get to it!

Finding Your Messaging and Voice

This part is the heartbeat of your brand, the rhythm that keeps your audience grooving to your tune. It’s all about knowing who you are, who your people are, and how to make your brand’s voice sing in a way that’s unmistakably you.

So, first things first, let’s figure out your people. Who are these wonderful humans that resonate with what you offer? Are they young professionals seeking a boost in their career, or maybe busy parents yearning for some life hacks?

Pin down their age group, interests, pain points, and what makes them tick. Visualize your dream customers like pals you can’t wait to share your goodies with.

Next, let’s shine the spotlight on you! Yup, when you’re building a personal brand, who YOU are makes a difference to your clients. What makes you jump out of bed in the morning to tackle the day? What experiences and skills do you bring to the table that nobody else can replicate?

Unearth your quirks, your strengths, and that special sparkle that’s all you. Think of it as the secret sauce that flavors everything you do.

Now, the magic happens when you mesh your story with your audience’s needs. You’re not just offering a service or product; you’re crafting a solution that’s uniquely tailored to your peeps.

And you’re mixing in the unique experiences, strengths, talents, training, etc. that makes you different from every other brand out there offering the same outcome.

But we’re not quite done yet. What’s driving your ship? Your mission, vision, and values are the North Star guiding your every move.

Why does your business exist beyond just making a profit? What utopia are you striving to create in your industry? What non-negotiable values keep your compass pointing true north?

Think of them as the sturdy roots that keep your brand grounded, no matter how stormy the market seas get.

Now, to put all this together, here’s a fun exercise for you. Grab a big sheet of paper, colorful markers, and let’s make a brand vision board! (You could totally do this digitally with a Pinterest board or mindmap, too.)

Jot down your audience’s characteristics, your unique qualities, and your brand’s mission, vision, and values. Stick some inspiring images that represent your brand vibe. This visual cocktail will be your go-to reference when crafting emails, social posts, or even when chatting up potential clients.

Once you have a clear understanding of your brand and ideal clientele, the work has just begun.

Now you need to create content that shares all of this. And, as I’ve mentioned before, as solopreneurs, we’re pressed for time. So we have to rely on tools, resources, and tips that help us get things done quicker.

When it comes to creating content, we’re talking about AI tools like ChatGPT.

But the issue comes in when you start relying on a tool like ChatGPT and it starts straying from the messaging and brand identity you’ve established. So, how do you leverage a tool like AI without losing the essence of your brand?

Let’s get into it.

Infusing Your Messaging and Voice

When it comes to harnessing the power of AI tools like ChatGPT for your content creation, it’s all about playing the conductor to this digital symphony. Let’s make sure your unique brand song stays strong while leveraging this AI wizardry.

Before you let ChatGPT work its magic, it needs a proper introduction. Think of it like giving directions to a new intern who wants to help but needs a bit of guidance. You wouldn’t send them off to create content for you blindly, right?

To start, grab a chunk of your writing, the kind that truly represents your business persona. It could be a persuasive sales pitch, a heartfelt blog post, or a catchy social media blurb. Toss it into ChatGPT and have it analyze the text to give you information on your writing style. Let it decipher your tone, style, and voice so you can pin down exactly what makes your content uniquely you.

All you need to do to accomplish that is to ask it to analyze the tone, style, and voice of the text you’ve pasted in.

Now comes the cool part. Take those juicy insights and craft a mini-manual for ChatGPT.

If you click the three little dots next to your username in the bottom left corner of ChatGPT, you can enter custom instructions. This is where you’ll paste in your tone, style, and voice.

Couple that with a swift summary of what your business does and who your dream clients are, and voila! You’ve just given ChatGPT the keys to your content kingdom.

Remember, this AI tool is like your trusty intern, eager to learn and assist, but it needs clear instructions to ace the tasks you give it. Treat it with the same care you would an enthusiastic new team member. Provide clear directions, share your brand’s essence, and let it work its magic while you focus on the bigger picture.

So go ahead, unlock the power of AI, but don’t forget to be the guiding star. With a bit of direction, ChatGPT can be the ultimate sidekick in your quest to conquer the content universe.

Next week we’ll wrap up the series by talking about how to go about creating the content that will boost your authority and keep you top of mind with your audience as you build your brand awareness…and how to do it without spending all your time creating content or being on social media! See you then.

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