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Helping Solopreneurs Succeed

As an entrepreneur, you set out to not only make a difference in the world but to have fun doing it.

Little did you know how many hats you’d have to get used to wearing just to get it all done.

But just because you’re a solopreneur, that doesn’t mean you have to tackle everything on your own.

BrandStrength is here to help you build a solid brand foundation that makes your business stand out, attracts your dream clients, and achieves rave-worthy results.


You’ve Got Options

Jump in with both feet and work 1:1 or dip your toe into the pool of possibilities by getting in on some group goodness. There’s support here for you.

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1:1 Program

Take your business to the next level in 90 days. Here’s what we accomplish…


  • We nail your offer and messaging so your dream clients want to throw money at you
  • We develop your consult process that squeezes every ounce of value out of every sales call you hold
  • We set you up with tech and systems that make your life (and work) easier and ensure that no client activities fall through the cracks
  • We strategize how you’ll connect with your clients and get them asking for more
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$7 Group Program

Get more done in less time. Here’s what you’ll get in the Solopreneur Success Club…


  • Break free from the hustle and achieve real progress. Our unique program helps overwhelmed solopreneurs take action, eliminate wasted time, and attract the right clients.
  • Led by Lori Reeves, a certified copywriter and marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience, you’ll gain invaluable insights and strategies to become a master of online marketing without the overwhelm.

  • For just $7 a month, unlock carefully curated weekly tasks, focused coworking calls, networking events, and a like-minded community. Gain the skills, connections, and support you need to thrive.
  • No more feeling alone on your journey. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, brainstorm ideas, and receive mentorship. Together, we’ll conquer challenges and create a profitable, non-hustle business.

Workshops & Trainings

Networking Events

Click the button below to check out all of the workshops and trainings I have available.

Every month you can join a free networking event just for solopreneurs! Click below to learn more.

Before I worked with Lori, my landing page was not converting visitors into webinar registrants. I don’t think I was properly conveying my message. But after Lori helped me re-work the page, it really shared the message in a way that was effective and it looked so clean.

Dr. Sarah Andreas

Owner, Wise Wood, LLC

Working with Lori to create my sales page was a completely eye-opening experience. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but Lori helped me dig deeper and deeper into the offer so I could drill down to what my audience actually needs and wants. Just as I thought I couldn’t get any more niched down than I was, Lori pushed me to keep going.

Heather Skelly

Owner, Sweet Paw Dog Training

The BrandStrength

Core Values


Who’s Behind

All This BS

Lori Reeves loves nothing more than strategizing and teaching on the topics of business building and brand strengthening. It’s a topic that she has an insatiable appetite for and will never stop gaining knowledge about. 

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs construct a one-of-a-kind offering that stands out like a flamingo in a flock of seagulls, she’s most likely wearing camo and combat boots, as a 20+ year member of a National Guard band.

She draws on her unique and extended military experience to incorporate the disciplinary cornerstones of military life with brand-building strategies. 

She’s also a single mom who’s proud to teach her son that anything is possible if you do the work and believe in yourself.

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